About Kal

Khaled Jurdi (Kal) is the founder of Fearless Transformation, a successful training and coaching company that provides services to individuals, small businesses, multi-level companies, United States government agencies and nonprofits in the U.S. and the Middle East. After twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur in diverse fields, Khaled has molded a career out of understanding human psychology, neuro science, transformative learning technologies, accelerated learning techniques and the study of human excellence to create one of the most transformational coaching and training programs in the world. He delivers high impact training in personal development and business development. His training programs include, Creating Your Life by Design seminar, sales training, fundraising for nonprofits, building high performance teams, leadership development, NLP certifications, public speaking and communication training.  With his bullet proof systems Khaled will not only help you transform your life as a person but also double your business and advance your career in a very short period of time, guaranteed.


For the past ten years Khaled has helped hundreds of his clients transform their lives, advance their careers, and grow their businesses in a short period of time. Some of his clients include American Management Association, Toshiba, ALPLA, Boeing, Saudi ReadyMix, ALTurki Holding, Arizona Correctional Industries, Albuquerque Housing Authority, Arizona Fundraising Professionals, Smile Dental Clinics in Arizona, CA Technologies Dubai, Mechanical Trade Contractors of Arizona, Wells Fargo, Zappos, United States Government, and Ministry of Education in Lebanon.


An engineering graduate from Arizona State University, Khaled is an expert in creating frameworks that break down learning strategies into a step-by-step process so that people can learn easily and effortlessly. As a coach he asks the tough questions that helps people come up with their own solutions. With his high-energy, dynamic style, and ruthless compassion, Kal provides a training experience that is memorable, lucrative, and fun. Fully bi-cultural as a Lebanese and American citizen, he provides training and coaching in English or Arabic.



Khaled has been an invited speaker and presenter at the Ministry of Education in Lebanon since 2012, he has appeared on multiple live radio broadcasts (including Radio Monte Carlo in Paris) and television interviews (including MTV).  But his favorite of all is his charity work as director of operations at Walid’s Fund, a registered U.S. based nonprofit where he leads training programs for Syrian refugees in Lebanon by teaching them life skills and entrepreneurial skills that helps them become self-reliant to prepare them for their return home. His project Soap & Hope has been earning Syrian refugee families income from producing organic soap in refugee camps in Lebanon and selling it in the United States.  Khaled is a fearless leader, master facilitator, and a lifelong learner. When he is not on the road leading seminars and training, he is in his humble home between Beirut Lebanon and Phoenix, Arizona.