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The Owner’s Manual of The Brain

What if there is such a thing as an owner’s manual of the brain?

You may have dreams, aspirations and goals that inspire you to move away from the struggle of working to live and move towards the freedom to choose the life you love. you may say you want it, you may say you are committed to it, you invest the energy and time in pursuing it.

Yet only 3 – 5 percent of us accomplish the results we desire.

Now why does this happen?

You know you are capable, you know you are willing, and you have seen others do it.

Why is it that only very few people accomplish what they want?

Three reasons:

First reason is FEAR. Fear is what’s in the way between you and the life you always wanted.

Fear of the unknown, Fear of failure, Fear of success, and Fear of rejection. As a result, most people choose to settle for a comfortable living versus creating a lifestyle. They choose to give up their long term dreams for short term gains. That is a HUGE problem.

In order for you to be successful in reaching your utmost potential it is a must to break through your fears. Not avoiding it, going around it, or ignoring it.

What’s in the way of you being the man and woman you always wanted to be is the way through it!

“Have you found yourself every jeopardizing your success to avoid the pain of being found out as a failure?”

The Second common reason is LIMITING BELIEFS. Disempowering beliefs such as “I am not good enough”, “I am not smart enough”, “I am not worthy of success”,” I do not deserve it” and the list goes on. How likely are you going to get what you want with a little voice in your head whispering these depilating affirmations?

Not very likely. If any, you will find a way to subconsciously mess up your opportunity for success so that you can say “I tried”. Have you found yourself ever jeopardizing your success to avoid the pain of confirming to yourself that you are not good enough?

Highly successful people have an unwavering belief about themselves, they all have fears however they learned to reframe their limiting beliefs to mean something empowering about themselves than something debilitating.

As Tony Robbins puts it “80% of success is mental and only 20% is tactical.”

“Your state is your fuel and without it you will eventually run out of gas before the finish line.”

Which leads to:

Third common reason is what we call STATE CONTROL. And no I don’t mean Alabama or Arizona. I am referring to managing your state so that you operate in high performance gears. When you are half way up you need to have enough emotional juice to keep you moving regardless how hard or tough the road can get.

Your state is your fuel and without it you will eventually run out of gas before the finish line.

Now you wouldn’t happen to be interested in learning to put yourself in peak performance state at a snap of a finger so that you become more enthusiastic, influential, and motivated to double your results in half the time and energy invested would you? As well you should!

That’s what high performers have that the rest of the population don’t.

What’s in the way between you and the life you always wanted is YOU. Mainly it is the area that exists between your ears; THE BRAIN.

If hard work was the main ingredient to success, then we will all earn lots of money working labor jobs.

What if there is such a thing as an owner’s manual for your brain. Would you be interested in discovering and learning about it?

The purpose of this 6-day intensive training is for you to explore the owner’s manual of your brain, examine it, learn why you do what you do, then use the tools taught in the workshop to reprogram your brain to serve and deliver on your goals so that you stop struggling and start getting what you want with more freedom and ease.

In this training you will learn:

  • The 7 step process to setting well formed outcomes so that you have a game plan week by week month by month to get clear on your ultimate life purpose then set your goals around it.
  • Identify and destroy limiting beliefs that has been stopping you from getting what you want so that all parts of YOU are now working together towards a desired outcome rather than against each other.
  • Learn patterns to overcome phobia, addictions, laziness, and bad habits that have been hindering your success and install new disciplines that will turn intro resourceful habits that serve you moving forward You are your habits.
  • Unhook negative emotions from the past that has been attracting un-resourceful habitual patterns in your present and future so that you are left free to create the life you always wanted.
  • Build powerful rapport and influence skills that will help you connect and build instant trust with anyone so that you become more charismatic and influential leader.
  • Anchor desired peak states in your body so that you have access to it at any time which means you can get out of negative emotions that has been hindering you from taking action and get into high performing states that motivate you to take action regardless of how you feel. ANY TIME, EVERY TIME!
  • Tap into a wealth of resources and knowledge in your subconscious get it organized so that you find yourself doubling your results with half the time invested. That is QUALITY OF HIGH PERFORMERS!
  • Learn powerful patterns to rewire your subconscious mind to get rid of negative associations of taking uncomfortable actions that you know will serve you and associate resourceful states into doing it so that you start enjoying doing the desired actions regardless how uncomfortable it may seem in the beginning.
  • Learn powerful NLP skills that you can use with integrity to help others change their lives and look good in the process of doing it!
  • Earn a certificate of completion as an NLP Practitioner to add to your skill set.

Who would benefit from this training?:

  • Trainers, speakers, coaches, healers and teachers who want to become wildly effective in creating behavioral change from the front of the room and stages.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to become more influential, motivated, and successful in achieving their goals.
  • Business owners and CEOs, who want to have solid core confidence in their ability to lead, teach and inspire their teams to become highly performing.
  • Start ups single moms or dads who want to generate extra money from creating a side home business to generate enough income towards financial freedom
  • Multilevel marketing and business owners who want to increase their sales by inspiring their teams and getting them motivated.
  • Sales professionals who want to double their sales.
  • Government agents who want to master the art of influence and become skillful trainers and intuitive readers of people.
  • Anyone who is on the journey of personal and professional development and seeking personal and professional growth.

Date & Time: May 23rd to May 28th from 8am to 7pm in sunny Phoenix Arizona.

Breaks: We will have multiple stretch breaks and a lunch break each day. Lunch will not be provided.

Regular price: $2470

Discounted price: $1970 (available till April 30th)

Seats are limited. We keep our training certifications to Intimate small groups of no more than 30 students to give you the necessary one on one time and energy required to create the breakthroughs desired.

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  • Learn accelerated learning techniques so that you become an awesome trainer, teacher, and speaker who create powerful and lasting impact on your audience. $2270 value
  • Walk away with a recorded hight quality video of yourself promoting yourself and your business which you can use for marketing purposes. You will learn and be coached on delivering an effective message on camera.  $740 value
  • Join a mastermind elite groups of coaching for 90 days so that you get all the coaching and support you need to reinforce the training $1500 value
  • Receive Fearless Communication at Work program that will help you become a master communicator at work.    $197 value
  • Receive a copy of Fearless Outcome Goal Setting that will help you set goals for yourself and your team. $147 value

All these bonuses valued at $4854 will be included in the tuition for no extra cost!

Are you still having doubts?

Here are what students are saying about the training:

Alexis King – Speaker

Anthony Morello – Trainer

Brandon Young – Healer

Amy Williams– Service dog trainer

Matt Hartline– Engineer

Money back guaranteed: If by the end of the training you are not satisfied then come and ask for your money back. No questions asked.

Kal is has trained thousands of people in 52 cities and 36 states for the past 5 years in multiple countries and he is an expert on leading transformation by example. (Read About Kal)

You will find yourself changed on a core level: Your self confidence, your demeanor and your outlook on life will have a different view.

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