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Free Training Webinar Reveals...
How To Double Your Sales Within Weeks
... Without Going Into Long Sales Cycles, Offering Discounts, & Missing Your Sales Goals
  • CONCERNED... That You're Missing Your Sales Goals
  • FRURSTRATED... with Long Sales Cycles
  • Giving Lots of Discounts and LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE

LIVE With Kal Jurdi

August 11th @ 12:00 PM PST
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What You'll Learn On This FREE Event!
"A Bullet Proof System To Close 100% Of Your Leads"
"A Breakthrough Sales-Leadership MINDSET, STRATEGIES, & SKILLS That Will Transform Your Sales And Income"
"The FUN System to Sell... Without Feeling Pushy, Sleazy, Or Uncomfortable"


Learn How To Do That And More By Attending This Event!

As a business owner YOU and EVERYONE on your team must learn how to sell!

And it doesn't have to be pushy, sleazy, or uncomfortable...
In fact it can be FUN...If you have a system.

In this event you will learn breakthrough sales-leadership MINDSET, STRATEGIES, AND SKILLS that will transform your sales and income...

Such As:
  • Identify and manage THE ONE THING standing between you and the sales income you desire
  • A step by step sales system that will double your closing rate being pushy or salesy!
  • ​Learn how you can attract a team of superstars that is self motivated and eager to sell for you!
  • ​What you must do if you want to recruit superstars that are self motivated to sell for you so you can generate massive passive income without the need to manage day to day operation
  • ​Why traditional selling no longer works in a time when most businesses are going virtual and how to adapt to a new selling system that works
  • ​​Convey your message in 30 seconds or less in such a way that it captures the peoples' interest leaving them wanting to know more
  • ​​Breakthrough your prospect's defense mechanism and lower their guard whether on the phone or in person so that they hear what you got to offer and not treat you like another intrusive salesperson who they want to get rid of
  • ​Set clear upfront expectations that a decision will be made at the end of each meeting so that prospects give you a YES or a NO but non of the lame responses such as let me think about it and I’ll get back to you
  • ​Ask the tough questions that 99% of sales people don’t have the guts to ask so that they earn the respect of the prospect and get the sale
  • ​​Deal with objections upfront so that you stop wasting your precious time and energy pursuing the wrong prospects and instead focusing on the ones who are willing and able to buy
Businesses Who Benefited Using our Sales System!

Blair Singer

 It's not common to get across a person who WILL NOT GIVE UP... Kal is a great teacher!

Aziz Ghaddar

 We need a Pattern Interrupt to align  


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